Monday, 14 June 2010

Did you see that big purple bus.....

So we have returned from what was at the beginning a VERY muddy festival and returning slightly pink and sun burnt. All in all a pretty good festival, good line ups, AWFUL loos, and packed in like sardines camping...

However The Big V bus was very successful showcasing some great acts like beat boxers, freestyle footballers and basketballers which all got the crowds going. Amongst them were us volunteers showing our own unique talents...some crazy physics experiments, origami, musicians, cheerleaders and of course the Critter creation workshops.

We had some really enthusiastic people come chat and create with us. Some slightly crazy guys, but loyal all the same, who popped by us every day. And some other staff workers come join in with us between their shifts.

Not all of it went to plan as our needles went missing Friday and our sewing machines got ill Sunday, so I apologise if you came during one of those periods, however Critter Creations will be at other festivals so if you see the Big V Bus pop along and come say hi, make another critter to keep him company....

If you enjoyed the festival, but thought it was all a little too pricey but loved the atmosphere around the bus, why not check out You to can get involved in the experience, volunteer your time and in return you get to go to festivals for free. If you haven't already considered volunteering, isn't probably anything like you expect it to be, plus Vinspired is A LOT more exciting than many, offering awsum experiences and if it simply comes down to the nitty gritty, well we only have to work four hours a day to get free tickets, travel and food where Oxfam and other charities make you work 8 hours and don't pay your travel!!!

Go on check it out!!

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