Monday, 14 June 2010

First Festival Critters on the Farm...

Rozi Hill is 19. Her critter is called "Vincent"

Rebecca Sland is 18 from Cambridge. Her critter is called "Rea"

Clare Watson is 21. She named her love heart "Harry"

Leanne Parsons is 21. Here she is with "Sweetness Lea"
(camouflaged in front of Chris' Tee) and Chris,
one of the V20 crew who helped her out.

Rachel Davies is 17 from Salisbury. She named her critter "Joshua"

So here are the first load of the Festival Critters from Isle of Wight. More to come, just waiting on images...I apologise now if I have spelt anyone's name wrong, when writing down some of the info it has been tricky to read some hand writing..... enjoy x

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